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Four reasons why we're crazy about Dried Flowers.


One of the things we love about dried flowers is their duration, good quality flowers can last months or even years! The means that the stunning arrangements hand-crafted for you will be around and warm your day for a while to come. Dried flowers are an amazing investment for home décor and even as an enduring gift for a loved one.

Low Maintenance

If you're like some of us here at the office you'll know the common yet tragic situation of craving a home filled with beautiful arrangements of flowers. Yet having neither the time nor thought to care for them it always leading to the same result, wasted money and the disappointing visual of dulling colours. As dried flowers have no maintenance requirement any worries about watering, feed etc get thrown out the window! Simply enjoy, carefree your gorgeous dried flower bouquets.

Value for money

Due to their longevity, dried flowers are great value for money. They may be more expensive than some fresh flowers but their quality is exquisite. The fact that dried flowers continue to look beautiful day-in and day-out makes the price worth it, especially when considering that fresh flowers can last just over a week in comparison to dried flowers which can last for years so the extra money you may have otherwise spent on just refreshing your expiring bouquets can instead be spent adding to your collection, allowing for a array of gorgeous flowers filling each room.


Another valuable feature of dried flowers is their sustainability! They are 100% natural and biodegradable, meaning that they are eco-friendly and great for the environment. They are also sustainable as they are much less wasteful than fresh flowers, lasting a significantly longer length of time than fresh flowers

At Sweet Tooth Hampers, we pride ourselves on the magnificent arrangements, visit our website to enjoy our collection of floral arrangements. All Photography by the amazing Harry Wier

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