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Happy Chewing

The Edible Eighties Delight contains all-star classics such as Cola Bottles, Chewits, Refresher Roll, Swizzels Double Lollies, Barretts Strawberry Milk Bottles, Moaom Stripes, Mini Chupa Chubs, Stinger Bars, Refresher Bars and oodles more!

Choc-a-holics won't be disappointed with the inclusion of Cadbury Classic Chomp, Macroom Bars, Mint Crisp, Big Time Bar and Curlywurly.

The Edible Eighties - the decade that taste remembered!


A personalised message label is included in the price, making this a very lovely gift.


Comes in a Multicolour Hamper Box.

Retro Edible Eighties Delight

SKU: STH1009

    A Collection of super retro and sweet treats......


    Haribo Bag of Jellies (assorted) 160g
    Bag of Jelly Beans 120g
    Bag of Bottles 120g
    Hannahs Jazzles White 250g
    Bag of Retro Sweets 120g
    Bag of Dolly Mixture 100g
    2 x Cadbury Chomp 21g
    2 x Cadbury Curlywurly 21.5g
    2 x Milky Bar 35g
    6 x Lollipops
    2 x  Animal Bars 12g
    2 x Cadbury Chomp 23.5g
    Swizzels Dip Dab 19g
    2 x Barratt Nougat 35g
    6 x Swizzels Love Hearts 10g
    6 x Maoam Stripes
    1 x Swizzels Dip Dab 19g
    2 x Barratt Nougat
    6 x Swizzels Love Hearts 10g
    6 x Maoam Stripes
    4 x Refresher Chew Bar 18g
    4 x Stinger Chew Bar 18g
    2 x Wham Bar 25g
    2 x Matlow Love Heart Lipstick 6g
    2 x Chewits
    2 x Refreshers

    Swizzels Loadsa Sweets 173g

  • 100% IRISH

    We are 100% Irish, by purchasing a hamper through you are supporting Irish jobs.


    The invoice will be emailed to you.

    The invoice will NOT be sent with the Hamper.


    If you have any allergies to products, please read the contents in each product before consuming / using the product. For food products, the products contained within the above selection may contain nuts / sesame seeds or may have come from a factory where nuts / sesame seeds maybe present. Each item (except loose items) contained within the selection will have an advisory note on nuts and other allergy information. Please read these before consumption.


    Due to the large selection of items in each hamper, from time to time, we may need to substitute some items. The substitute will be of a similar item or one of greater value to ensure that your selection is delivered on time.  All imagery is used for illustration purposes only and may not represent the final product.


    Contents of the hamper are not suitable for babies or toddlers. For other children, parental supervision is advised.

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